show sipd sessions all – Will display all of the active SIP sessions that are currently traversing the SBC, including the To, From, Call-ID

show sipd invite – Will display a chart of all recent SIP requests and responses

notify sipd siplog – Enables the sipmsg.log which includes all SIP traffic traversing the SBC..only to be used in pre-production/trial environment

show logfile sipmsg.log – Will output the contents of the sipmsg.log without having to FTP this file off the SBC

notify sipd rotate-logs – Will clear all sipd log buffers

display-alarms – Alarm log output

show running-config – Outputs all of the configuration elements

show support-info – Outputs all of the system level info, including hardware specifics, licensing info, etc

show health – For a standalone system will give a good overview of failover history

I would also like to add the following which I think are useful in some cases.

show prom-info all – Displays serial number, hardware revision, manufacturing date

notify sipd debug – Enables a subset of the full logging behavior of sipd on the Session Director

notify sip nodebug – Turn off debug

log-level sipd debug – Enable full debug logs

log-level sipd notice – Turn off full debug

show platform cpu-load – Show CPU charged

notify berpd force  force change standby/active

show version boot – show version of boot apply

show running-config local-routing-config short  – show LRT in system

show lrt route-table <LRT_name> – show LRT specific

notify lrtd refresh <LRT_name> – Refresh the changes in LRT specific (After changed in «/code/lrt» in SBC files)

show sipd endpoint -ip <peer endpoint> –  Show endpoint conexion status and configuration

show configuration system-config – Show system config

backup-config <backup_name> – To make backup

restore-backup-config <backup_name> [running | saved] – To restore Backup

halt force — shutdown sbc


Test enum config:

show enum status

Test SRV registry:

show dns query CORE_TEST SRV _sip._udp.ivr.a

Test A registry:

show dns query CORE_TEST A

Test enum DDI (NAPTR):

show enum lookup Enum-Test +34686200006

General System Commands

• show clock
• show version image
• show version boot
• show prom-info all
• display-alarms
• show uptime
• show process
• show arp
• show sessions
• show features
• show memory
• show buffer
• show health
• show running-config

Physical Interface Commands

• show interface
• show media physical
• show media phy-stats
• show media host-stats
• show media classify
• show media network
• show media frame-stats
• show media tm-stats

SIP Commands

• show reg
• show sipd all
• show sipd agent
• stack sipd

H323 Commands

• show h323
• show h323 h323stats
• show h323 agentstats
• show h323 stackCallstats
• show h323 stackPvtStats
• show h323 stackDisconnectInstate
• show h323 stacklist
• stack h323d

MGCP Commands

• show algd all
• show algd rsip
• show algd errors
• stack algd

Call Media Commands

• show mbcd all
• show mbcd realms
• stack mbcd