Ver estadísticas:

kamctl fifo get_statistics :dialog::all

Monitor Kamailio:

kamctl monitor

Ver usuarios registrados:

kamctl ul show --brief

Ver localización de un usuario:

kamctl ul show username

Configuracion inicio Kamailio:

nano /etc/default/kamailio


# Kamailio startup options

# Set to yes to enable kamailio, once configured properly.

# User to run as

# Group to run as

# Amount of shared and private memory to allocate
# for the running Kamailio server (in Mb)

# Config file

# Enable the server to leave a core file when it crashes.
# Set this to 'yes' to enable Kamailio to leave a core file when it crashes
# or 'no' to disable this feature. This option is case sensitive and only
# accepts 'yes' and 'no' and only in lowercase letters.
# On some systems it is necessary to specify a directory for the core files
# to get a dump. Look into the kamailio init file for an example configuration.