Is importat in this case the direction of SIP Flow, the SBC has IN and OUT HMR rules in diferents sip-interfaces.

To test this sip-manipulations can use a SBC tool, with this comands:

sbc01test# configure terminal
sbc01test(configure)# session-router
sbc01test(session-router)# test-sip-manipulation
sbc01test(test-sip-manipulation)# show
Test Sip Manipulation:
sip-manipulation : HMR_Phone
debugging : disabled
direction : out
manipulation-string :
manipulation-pattern: \,+
tgrp-context :
local-ip :
remote-ip :
sip-message : parsed ok

Need load a sip message with


and paste your sip message

Need config the test-sip manipulation, with the «sip-manipulation» that you need test



to test sip-manipulation, you can see in the screen the output for your rule

If you need refresh the HMR for modifications, can use afterthe modification this command for refresh:



Modify From to put the anonynous user, delete PAI and put Display, in INVITE:

This is the format for use («) in the match value : «\»abc 123\» «.


Modify phone number with regex match:

see $2 it´s the second attribute match in the test regex (Group2.), you can test your regex in a lot of pages, for example